Sunday, April 16, 2006

Author Sharon Draper

I've found an author after my own heart. Remember my post about finding books for African American teens? I found the author that the other 13-year old told me about. While at Barnes & Noble (I swear I'm there at least once a week!), I scanned the young adult section and found the works of Sharon Draper.

She is the author of many books for middle graders and teens. The ones I noticed were part of her Hazelwood High Trilogy. Her newest book is called Copper Sun. Her plots are interesting and I can see why they would be really appealing. I know that I'm really looking forward to reading her work, and she inspires me because I know that this is a genre I would like to write more of. There just aren't enough writers doing this niche genre.

Perhaps one day, by the time my younger cousin is in high school, she can read one of my books from that section...